Hello watchers! 

As we getting closer and closer to the end of year, we are going to reflect our work and events in the past year in this small but sincere blog post. 

In case you have a rush here it is quick highlights as bullet points: 

  • We are finished production and festival run of our first in-house work, Cold Sands written and directed by our founder, Ümit Bulut. 
  • We were busy with the music scene as well! We pitched ideas and have been in talks with bands and musicians such as Half Moon Run, Erlend Øye from Kings of Convenience and Canadian trap artist Apache.
  • We’re cleared a music from Erlend Øye for our short film Cold Sands.
  • Still continued the maintain technical side of the kulturisleri.com which is an online magazine publishing timeless articles on science, culture and art. 
  • We have started new upcoming projects for our company. 

Okay, these were small steps for us but in retrospect every small independent film production company starts with small steps. We aim higher.

Cold Sands, 2022, dir. Ümit Bulut

For those who want to learn from our experiences and read long version of what we have been up to, let’s catch up to speed and go from there. 

Our 2022 year as a company was started very fast and stressful! Editing the short film, was included sleepless, strestull nights and hectic scenes. Conversation scenes were hard to edit. Director Bulut says: “It was a big learning experience for me! I have learned a lot during the whole film production process. I need to write a lot about it in the future since I am in the beginning of the road.” Indeed, it was. Editing the film took the January and February.

In the editing phase we were able to talk with Erlend from KOC, and he was kind enough to let us use his music in the film and submission to festivals. This was huge news! After finishing touches, we wrapped the post production phase in February, then came festival runs. Our producer and director Bulut, made sure we only dream big. So film would be submitted festivals that has quality and exposure for the film. We submit our film to Cannes Film Festival’s short section and unfortunately it didn’t selected. Later we learned from our mistakes and took notes for the future. Festival submission

Meantime we started to in conversation between bands. Half Moon Run had a concert in Turkey in June 23. We were in talks with culture in tourism directorate for a recording session but it got dropped due to required extra efforts. But they were very kind to invite us their first concert here in Istanbul. So it was a great experience for us!

After July we decided to undistributed and pull back our short film and took it as a learning experience.

From fall to now we have started to get back our feet and currently working on new and excited upcoming projects. 

Hope your 2022 was good as we had. 

Can’t wait to show what we are working on next! 

On behalf of all Entropy Production,

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